Providing professional care in fertility, gynaecology and minimally invasive surgery


What to bring

Please bring your  doctor’s referral, if not already provided and medication list of current and  past medications taken for your condition. Any x-ray and ultrasound reports and films if possible. In addition if you have any notes relating to  your previous treatment especially surgical images these will be most  helpful.

It would also be helpful if you could complete an Online Patient Registration Form

patient registration form

Please note that for  your comfort and convenience and to enhance the quality of the consultation I  recommend leaving small children at home.   You are most welcome to bring a partner, friend or relative if you  simply wish to have a second pair of ears.

What to expect

Initial consultations  generally last around thirty minutes, follow ups fifteen to twenty  minutes.

During this time I  will ask you a series of questions regarding your current problem, previous  health, previous surgical operations and medications.

In some cases if your  problem is particularly difficult or complex a follow up consultation will be  scheduled.

I will generally  conduct a full examination, including a pelvic examination, a Pap smear and swabs and order  a specialist ultrasound.

Please note, that I  prefer the level of detail and expertise provided by a specialist gynaecology  ultrasound provider and a previously performed ultrasound provided by a local  radiology centre may not provide the level of information I require.

Not all of the high  quality pathology and imaging providers I use bulk bill.  You may expect an invoice for their services.

Cost overview

This is a specialist  medical practice and I aim to provide you with a high standard of care.  Consulting fees are therefore above the AMA  rate, operation fees are at or below the AMA rate.

If you are a  Healthcare Card holder or pensioner, fees are reduced.

Post operative care  is generally included in the operation fee unless new problems are introduced,  or extensive discussion regarding further treatment is required at the post  operative visit.

For a detailed  estimate of consulting and in office procedural fees including colposcopy,  please contact my administration staff.

For further explanation  of fees please click on the appropriate link:

Public operating patients

Public patients
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